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All property, materials, and items are listed or offered for sale by Murco Recycling Enterprises, Inc. as agent for the consignors (sellers). The following Terms and Conditions of Sale and posted notices and verbal announcements at the time of sale by the Auctioneer are the conclusive statements of terms and conditions for auctions and sales. By submitting any bid, whether in person, in writing, by telephone, or any other means, the buyer acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions.

General Terms of Sale彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

All sales are final. No refunds.

Payment: Murco accepts cash, credit cards, certified check, and wire transfers.

Buyer’s Premium: Murco applies a 10% buyer’s premium to all transactions. Murco does not charge sales tax. A buyer’s premium is a percentage additional charge (10%) on the winning bid at auction or online offerings, and it must be paid by the buyer. It is charged by the Auctioneer to cover administrative expenses. Buyer's premiums are non-refundable.

Deposit: Murco reserves the right to request a non-refundable deposit from the buyer of at least one half of the total purchase price and the full buyer’s premium (50% sale price plus 100% buyer’s premium) in order to lock in the transaction and remove the item from the market. Items must be paid for in full before any removals commence.

Online Sales: Murco reserves the right to change methods of sale and alter online marketing campaigns in accordance with market response and/or conditions that may arise. Murco reserves the right to impose a hold for priced online offerings. This hold is at the discretion of Murco, and may last anywhere from 24 hours to several days. The hold begins with the first bidder “in” at the listed price. Should no other bidder come forward within the timeline specified, the first bidder may complete their purchase. Should other bidders come forward during the hold period, they have the option of bidding higher than the listed price. Multiple interested bidders within a short amount of time are subject to auction. High bidder wins. Should no subsequent bidders choose to bid higher than the original listing, the materials will be awarded to the first buyer who agreed to the listed price. Once bidding closes and a buyer is identified, payment is expected immediately, unless otherwise specified at the beginning of the sale. Online sales are not final until payment, or partial payment in the form of a deposit, is received.

Removals: The majority of the time, removal of purchases shall be at the expense, risk, and liability of the purchaser or their agent. Should purchaser not be qualified to do the removals, Murco can assist in coordinating professionals to help purchaser in removals and/or transport. Murco is not responsible for the professionals the buyer ultimately hires despite availing buyer to their services. Murco reserves the right to ask for copies of identification and license plate numbers for all people affiliated with removal process.

Operations Coordination: Murco will coordinate and communicate removal information such as timeline, labor needs, etc. with purchaser at point of sale. Timelines for material availability and removals are subject to change. The Murco Operations Coordinator will keep buyer apprised of any changes and will work with buyer to be as informed and prepared as possible. If buyer would like to contact the Operations Coordinator prior to, during, or following sale, reach out to contact@murcorecycling.com.

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Bidders at live auctions are required to register prior to the sale and must use the number issued to them when they are the successful bidder. No transfer of a bidder’s number from one buyer to another will be recognized. For remote or online auctions and/or sales, bidders will be required to submit basic contact information including but not limited to name and phone number.

  1. All bids received by Murco Recycling or Auctioneer are binding and enforceable.
  2. The highest bidder is considered the buyer. If any dispute arises between bidders, the lot in dispute shall, at the discretion of the Auctioneer, either be re-offered for sale or sold as stated. In any event, the Auctioneer’s decision will be final. If a dispute arises after the auction, the sales record of Murco will be deemed final.
  3. Murco is the sole determiner of the value of all items and shall exclusively set the minimum price for all items. Murco reserves the right to reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of the item being sold.
  4. Sales are not final until payment, or partial payment in the form of a deposit, is received. No removals can commence without being paid in full. Removal or partial removal prior to full payment shall result in the forfeiture of items with no refund.
  5. Removal of purchases shall be at the expense, risk, and liability of the purchaser or their agent and shall be done the day of auction. Otherwise, removals shall be done in accordance with the time parameters clearly established at point of sale.
  6. Auctioneer shall not be responsible for goods not removed within the time allowed. Items not fully paid for and/or removed within the time allowed herein may be resold at public or private sale without further notice.
  7. Murco assumes no responsibility for items left on the premises.
  8. Any buyer found at the auction site following the live auction without the consent or knowledge of Murco Recycling is subject to forfeiture of all purchases and no refunds. Murco and the owners they represent will prosecute trespassing to the fullest extent of the law.
  9. ALL items are sold "as is, where is," with no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied "in place with all faults." Murco Recycling will disclose all known faults or imperfections, but it is the final responsibility of the buyer to inspect the materials to satisfy themselves as to the condition of the items.
  10. Both Murco Recycling and Auctioneer are "agent only" and are not responsible in the event that the owner or purchaser at the auction fail to live up to their agreement, including failure of the owner to deliver any property to the purchaser.
  11. In the event that property is to be removed by the owner or other agents of the owner instead of the buyer, Murco Recycling is not responsible for any damage or faults incurred as part of the removal process.
  12. Inventory may be subject to change without notice. Murco Recycling also reserves the right to amend, add, or rescind terms and conditions of sale.
  13. All Murco Recycling auctions and sales are privately owned and operated. Murco reserves the right to refuse admittance of any person. Murco has the right to refuse any bid or offer that are not in the best interest of its clients.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会