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Adjustable ones are $15/ea the others are $10/ea

Cheaper by the dozens! We’ve got tons of recessed ceilings lights. These are not your standard canned lights ranging from 5” to 8” — there are many eyeball and adjustable ones as well. We all know it’s a messy job to extract, but the price is worth the effort!

Don’t want to effort? For an extra $10.00 per light, we’ll get them removed for you!

Most are stationary, and some are adjustable, great for displaying your Monet collection, or, just adding some extra drama to your walls. Buy more than 10 and get up to 20 wall switches and dimmers! Such a deal!

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Buyers are responsible for removal or we can remove it for a fee

  • Local delivery available


  1. Adjustable cans have 5" diameter

  2. Stationary cans have 8" diameter