Fabulous Wolf Electric Wall Oven 彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Retails for $4850+

Manufactured in 2016 and in tip-top shape, it doesn’t get better than this. Oh wait, yes it does: It’s already been removed and is ready for pick-up. It retails for $4850+ but we’re selling it for a steal.

  • Location: LaGrange, IL

  • Model #: SO30F/S

  • Professionally removed and ready for pick-up

  • Local delivery available

Layout and Measurements彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Overall Measurements:彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

  • Width: 29.875"

  • Depth: 27"

  • Height: 27.5"