Complete Sunroom Package彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会


Spring Sale Price: $1700*彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Expand your world without ever having to leave your house. You've always talked about adding a sunroom and with time on your hands and with Murco in your corner, the time is NOW!

The package includes everything related to this 17' x 12' addition. Let the sun shine in without a lot of money going out!

  • Minimum asking price for the entire room: $1700* (spring sale price)

    • Professional removal can be provided for an additional $1500.00

    • We can also help with transportation but pricing is dependent on where it's going!

  • Location: Clarendon Hills, Il

  • Availability: Buy immediately and remove within 2 weeks. that would explain the cheapness, eh?

  • *Spring Sale Price only valid until May 20th

Measurements and Inclusions:彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

  • 2 30 x 80 Thermopane doors

    1. Full view - pine inside, brownn clad outside

    2. True divided light right swing with 2 Semco true divided light casement windows 15 x 34

  • 8 casements @ 38 x 63 - natural wood inside and rown clad on the outside

  • 2 large skylights - How large? Since we didn't scale the wall up to measure, best guess is 6 ft. x 42" ISH

  • 2 runs of track lighting each with 3 cool cans

  • Pine paneling