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Commercial SAlvage Management services彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Earn tax benefits. help your community. go green.彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Murco coordinates the deconstruction and donation of used building materials coming out of commercial real estate renovations and tear downs— for less than it would cost you to throw everything away.


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Green-Minded Construction Waste Disposal 彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

What We Do 彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

We are the green alternative to outright demolition and disposal. Working within your existing renovation or tear down timeline, we broker all of your outgoing, reusable building materials on behalf of a charity partner of your choice. You get the tax benefits, the charity gets a generous donation, and reusable materials are recirculated back into the community. It’s a win-win-win for all involved.

How it Works彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Murco manages all the moving pieces to donate and recycle the maximum amount of materials possible. Serving as your one point of contact, we manage many different green industry experts to clear your materials— and execute a custom salvage plan to divert as much as possible from the landfill.

From appraisal to removal to transport materials to Nonprofits, scrap yards, and disposal centers, we ensure you get the maximum tax write off and do the most good. 


Let’s Talk彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Drop us a line & we’ll start planning your bespoke salvage management plan— for less than you would pay to throw it all away.


STEPS OF OUR SALVAGE MANAGEMENT SERVICE彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

From the initial appraisal, to the deconstruction, to the resale of the materials, we handle every moving piece of your commercial donation.

Step 1: The Appraisal彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Partnering with a deconstruction appraisal expert we will provide you with an initial estimate of the Fair Market Value of your available materials.

Step 2: Coordinating the nonprofit彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

We will loop in one of our local Nonprofit partners to be the recipient of your donation. They receive a generous percentage of all materials sold and provide all donation accounting at the end of the process.

Step 3: Categorizing & Marketing the inventory彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Our salvage experts arrive on site to carefully document all available materials while they are still installed. Collecting photos, measurements, and nitty-gritty details about every item, we then put them online to our thousands of subscribers actively seeking salvaged materials.

On site, our salvage experts will identify other outgoing materials that are valuable to the community that you maybe never considered donating. Bet you never thought those halogen light casings or that radiator could be donated for tax write-off, did ya?

Step 4: Selling the inventory 彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

We find qualified buyers nationwide for all of the materials and coordinate the pick-up or delivery.

Step 5: The deconstruction彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Deconstruction of the space can be ongoing, meaning materials will be removed as they are resold. Or, everything will be deconstructed in one-fell swoop depending on the project and your timeline needs. The deconstruction will be managed by Murco and executed by our commercial deconstruction contractors. Or, we can oversee the deconstruction by a Nonprofit deconstruction crew in-training.

Step 6: Material Dispersal彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

We arrange for the swift shipment or delivery of all purchased inventory, and coordinate the dispersal of other materials (scrap metal, lumber etc) that can be reused. Any materials that we unable to be sold prior to the deconstruction, will be taken to the Nonprofit directly.

Step 7: Donation documentation彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

After all materials are donated (either through resale, or physical drop off at the Nonprofit), your business will receive all necessary tax documentation for your donation.


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Service FEES彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

SIMPLE SALVAGE彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Cost: Free彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Murco will assess and appraise all of the re-sellable outgoing materials from your business, sell those in advance of your construction timeline and have those materials deconstructed—for free— as they sell. Any remaining materials that can not be resold will not be deconstructed by Murco and you are free to pursue your original course of action for the materials.

*In the case of donation, you will need to pay a small fee for a certified appraisal.

Salvage Management彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

ONE-TIME SALVAGE MANAGEMENT FEE彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

  • Appraisal Fee

  • Deconstruction Costs including labor/ tools/ and dedicated project manager

  • Transport & Dispersal of all Materials

Murco acts as your dedicated contractors for everything leaving the space. We will manage the deconstruction and dispersal of all reusable building materials from your site, take scrap materials to be recycled, and coordinate the disposal of anything that can’t be salvaged

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or give us a call: 708-352-4111彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会


The Murco Difference彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会


Deconstruction (extraction for reuses) requires more time and expertise than demolition. As a result, it’s usually more expensive. Murco is able to keep your deconstruction costs on par with demolition costs because we broker the materials to recoup removal costs, we partner with deconstruction Nonprofit teams whenever possible, and we work tirelessly to creatively disassemble and disperse materials in the most cost effective way for your particular project.

We broker materials on behalf of the Nonprofit彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Often, Nonprofits don’t have the capacity to handle all the materials coming out of a commercial renovation (hello, 100 desks or exceptionally tall built-in shelving units). Murco eradicates all these barriers by brokering the materials on behalf of the Nonprofit directly from the site and removing it on behalf of the buyer. Marketing & shipping nationwide, we expand the Nonprofit’s buyer database exponentially and can ensure more materials find grateful new homes, with minimal coordination efforts needed on behalf of the Nonprofit. In sum: more materials can be saved and donated. The more that can be saved and donated, the bigger your tax write-off.

We bring industry leaders together彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Over the past 32 years we have saved thousands of tons of materials from going into the landfill. We partner with the best deconstruction experts, builders, Nonprofit(s), and transportation companies in the area to get the maximum amount of materials reused and recirculated back into the community.

Option to sell for profit彩经网走势图大全下载,群英会28期开奖,山东20选5群英会

Sometimes, selling for cash in your pocket makes more financial sense than donating materials for a tax write-off. Murco can broker the materials on your behalf (instead of a Nonprofit) and earn you money on the materials. Our complimentary appraisal will help you decide if donation or outright sale makes more sense for you financially.

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